Week of Lunches

The Week of Lunches

The best time to do business is over lunch.

We long for the days that we look forward to Cobb salads and shrimp cocktails.


What can you look forward to from little lunch meetings? Learn to anticipate that lunches will lead to better friendships, creative new projects, and discoveries that you never would have made otherwise.

This is the power of relationships and networking.

Scheduling lunch meetings with a potential client or former mentor should be motivational!  Be inspired to look for more opportunities to connect with people whom work you admire.


3 Reasons to Have More Business Lunches:

1. You’ll Have Complete Control Over The Environment



Your client’s office is their territory, which means with it comes interruptions from their team and distractions from calls/e-mails!

Get them out of there and treat them to lunch.

2. Making Memories


A great lunch meeting is something clients will look back on fondly. Let this lunch be an awesome experience. Keep it formal, but fun!

3. Gratitude


Have you ever had a lunch meeting go so well that you sort of felt indebted afterwards? This is good!

You want your client or mentor to be thankful for you meeting them to chat and for picking up the tab!

This will put them in a position of being thankful while leaving the ball in their court to follow-up!

We challenge each of you to make lunch plans with someone you admire.

Maybe you don’t need an entire Week of Lunches, but even one lunch could inspire you for the rest of the week and we can never get too much inspiration!

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