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Social Media Taboos You Should Break

Social Media Taboos for the Masses

In the social media world, you will hear many “experts” state opinions with absolute reverence.

Even when there is nothing to base these opinions on or a distinct lack of research supporting their claims; they make a dramatic statement followed up quickly with a plug for their online course, membership offer, or product.

Some of these pronouncements have led to the creation of social media taboos that live past their prime. What a pity.

Absolute thinking is lazy thinking.

See what I did there? But I’m pretty sure we can go ahead and posit that absolute thinking is lazy thinking. It’s not just my opinion. Others believe this, too.

In a Psychology Today article, author Ugo Uche writes “[…] human beings, regardless of racereligion or culture, are likely to embrace any belief that is absolute. This is because absolute beliefs are simple, easy to comprehend, and false positives that offer us a false sense of security.”

Some rules were made to be broken.

In a day when technology and communication changes are rocketing through our lives on an increasingly frequent pace, it is bizarre to believe that some of the classic rules we’ve all heard about social media are no longer true.

In the next few posts, I’ll explore the following three social media taboos and explain why you should feel fine breaking them.

  1. Don’t ever use hashtags on LinkedIn.
  2. Don’t shoot videos in vertical.
  3. Don’t post on Instagram more than once a day.

There will likely be others that make it on this list, but this is where we will start for now. Please add your ideas in the comments and I will possibly add them to one of these next posts. (Maybe: “Don’t friend request someone new unless you’ve met them in the last 24 hours” or “Never accept an unknown friend request on LinkedIn.”)

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