LinkedIn Hashtags Okay

LinkedIn Hashtags No Longer a No-No

Actively teaching and working in social media means always learning and attempting to keep up with the new channels, tools, and rules. And they are always changing.

Some Rules Were Made to Be Broken

forbiddenRecently, I wrote about social media taboos that should be abandoned. One of the many rules that needs to be broken is this: hashtags are verboten on LinkedIn.

One really big reason for the change is that LinkedIn changed its UI/UX earlier this year (2017), following Microsoft’s purchase of the platform. Before that, it was considered a lame move to include hashtags in LinkedIn posts.

But even while this change came and some social media gurus announced it to the world, it’s taken a while to catch on and many people are still under the impression that they should avoid using hashtags on the channel.

LinkedIn and hashtags are now okay

The updates LinkedIn made created new ways to organize and discover related posts across various accounts. So what used to be considered an ineffective tactic (using hashtags in posts) is now the right thing to do when you have a reason to use it.


So…you can (and should) now use your relevant hashtags on LinkedIn.

Social Media Taboo #1 to Ignore: Don’t use hashtags on LinkedIn. (RIP 2017)

Next time, I’ll share with you why you can break another popular social media taboo. Stay tuned!

For more posts like this one, check out Social Media Taboos You Should Break, a blog post inspired by the outdated, but solemnly sworn statements I see posted by well-meaning people online. The idea is this: In a world with innovation happening in communication every day, it is laughable to think today’s rules for social media communication should remain the same and I aim to shine a light on examples of when these rules should be broken. Recently, I discussed new considerations for hashtag uses. Check it out and let me know what social media taboos you think need to be dismantled.

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