Stop Shaming Vertical Video

Smartphone users hold their phones vertical 94% of the time. (MOVR Mobile Overview Report)

“Please don’t ever think of recording a vertical video! People don’t watch TV sideways!”

Right. And also, they don’t watch TV much anymore. At least, not the way they used to.

If you roll your eyes while looking at ugly black bars on the sides of videos shot in vertical, swearing that those who shoot in vertical should never be allowed on the interwebs, you need this post.

In the past (and some people are still in this mindset), it was a major taboo posting a video shot in the vertical format. In fact, people publicly shamed others on social media for doing such a thing. The simple act of posting a vertical video was even deemed worthy of its own diagnosis: Vertical Video Syndrome.

Vertical Video Syndrome actually made it to meme status thanks to posts like this video:

But times have changed.

Mobile is becoming the number one host for video content. The most popular social media channels are viewed most often in vertical (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc). Even channels like YouTube have made recent updates to the way they feature videos shot in vertical eliminating the unsightly “black bar” experience.

Not convinced? Marketingland found in their study of the way people use social media, that people watch vertical videos more often and for longer periods of time than they do for horizontal video.

In many cases marketers are now favoring vertical video as optimizing for video is becoming more of a priority.

“We’ve seen a 9 times higher engagement rate with vertical rather than horizontal video,” said Nick Bell, Snapchat’s head of content, said in an interview with USA Today.

How are you using video content today? Are you optimizing your video content for the way your users will most likely consume it?

Social Media Taboo #2 to Ignore: Don’t post vertical video. (RIP 2017)

The message is clear. Vertical video is no longer the embarrassing misstep of the amateur that it once was. We can now break that social media taboo with confidence.

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